ERSO — European Rope Skipping Organisation


ERSO was founded in the 1990's. More information can be found on their website

Web Presence

ERSO was early with a website and fragments of the early design in use 1999-2006 can be found on the Internet Archive.

The site was redesigned around July-August 2006 but stayed on the same domain. Fragments of this design can be found on the Internet Archive.

The site was redesigned again late-2008 and moved to fragments of which can be found on the Internet Archive.

The site was redesigned again late-2009, staying as fragments of this design Which stayed until November 2020 can be found on the Internet Archive.

In November 2020 ERSO redesigned it's site once again, loosing it's classical yellow background. This design can be found on you notice that ERSO has historically been good at transferring old content across site redesigns, and results all the way back to the early 1990's can still be found on this design.


As of August 2022, ERSO has held the following competitions

  1. 1991—European Team Championships—Ghent, Belgium
  2. 1992—European Team Championships—Antwerp, Belgium
  3. 1993—European Team Championships—Leuven, Belgium
  4. 1994—European Team Championships—Ishøj, Denmark
  5. 1995—European Team Championships—Höllviken, Sweden
  6. 1995—European Masters Championships—Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
  7. 1996—European Team Championships—Street, United Kingdom
  8. 1997—European Team Championships—Barcelona, Spain
  9. 1998—European Team Championships—Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  10. 1998—European Masters Championships—Rockenhausen, Germany
  11. 1999—European Team Championships—Budapest, Hungary
  12. 2000—European Team Championships—Knebel, Denmark
  13. 2000—European Masters Championships—Grieskirchen, Austria
  14. 2001—European Team Championships—Loughborough, United Kingdom
  15. 2002—European Masters Championships—Fredericia, Denmark
  16. 2003—European Team Championships—Paris, France
  17. 2004—European Masters Championships—Eger, Hungary
  18. 2005—European Team Championships—Loughborough, United Kingdom
  19. 2006—European Masters Championships—Roskilde, Denmark
  20. 2007—European Team Championships—Veldhoven, The Netherlands
  21. 2007—International Double Dutch Competition—Paris, France
  22. 2008—European Masters Championships—Nagykanizsa, Hungary
  23. 2009—European Team Championships—Höllviken, Sweden
  24. 2009—International Double Dutch Competition—Paris, France
  25. 2010—European Masters Championships—Antwerp, Belgium
  26. 2011—European Team Championships—Nagykanizsa, Hungary
  27. 2011—International Double Dutch Competition—Paris, France
  28. 2012—European Masters Championships—Nagykanizsa, Hungary
  29. 2013—European Team and Masters Championships—Aalborg, Denmark
  30. 2014—European Show Contest—Graz, Austria
  31. 2015—European Team and Masters Championships—Idar-Oberstein, Germany
  32. 2016—European Show Contest—Prague, Czech Repulic
  33. 2017—European Team and Masters Championships—Braga, Portugal
  34. 2018—European Show Contest—Bratislava, Slovakia
  35. 2019—European Team and Masters Championships—Graz, Austria
  36. 2021—European Show Contest—Mechelen, Belgium
  37. 2022—European Team and Masters Championships—Bratislava, Slovakia

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