WJRF — World Jump Rope Federation


WJRF was founded in 2010 and dissolved in 2019 when it merged with the International Rope Skipping Federation

Web Presence

World Jump Rope had the website https://www.worldjumprope.org throughout it's lifetime. The site as it appeared early 2020 has been preserved by IJRU.

There was an older version of the website from 2011-2014, fragments of this site is visible in the Internet Archive


WJRF held the following competitions during it's lifespan

World Competitions

  1. 2011—Washington, DC, USA
  2. 2012—Washington, DC, USA
  3. 2013—Orlando, FL, USA
  4. 2014—Orlando, FL, USA
  5. 2015—Paris, France
  6. 2016—Braga, Portugal
  7. 2017—Orlando, FL, USA
  8. 2018—Orlando, FL, USA
  9. 2019—Oslofjord, Norway

Other competitions

WJRF also arranged Championships such as the Arnolds

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