IJRU — International Jump Rope Union


IJRU was announced in 2018 as a result of the merger of the International Rope Skipping Federation and the World Jump Rope Federation

Web Presence

IJRU originally launched their website in mid-2018 on http://ijru.org fragments of which can be found on the Internet Archive.

The IJRU Technical Committee shortly thereafter launched it's web presence on https://tc.ijru.org mid-October 2018. Where updates about the developing IJRU Rules were published.

Around May-July 2019 the Technical Committee site replaced the main IJRU site as they were unified under https://ijru.sport


As of July 2023, IJRU has held the following competitions

  1. 2021—Virtual World Championships—Virtual/Digital
  2. 2023—World Jump Rope Championships—Colorado Springs, USA

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